Show only Contacts related to Accounts

HI everyone.

I am currently trying on my edit form in my custom module where I have a link to Accounts filled out to with an account datarecord,
to show only the related Contacts linked with this account. So the search-while-you-type feature would be nice if it only shows the Contacts related to the already filled out account field. + if you open the search box for Contacts , it should also only show the related Contacts .

Account <> Contacts relationship is standard and has not been modified.

In SugarCRM there are filter_definitions possible to do this, but I have not found anything like in SuiteCRM.

I am using the newest SuiteCRM version.

Is there anyone who can help out with integrating this feature?

Thank you

To be honest I don’ tknow how to do what you ask. But I remember someone had a similar question a while back and I did some research on it.

This is the article that I think has all the clues you will need:

Note that this article is for SugarCRM 6.5, which is when we forked, whereas the filter_definitions you mentioned seem to be for SugarCRM 7.

Good luck, and if you are able to do this, please post back here with your solution, to help others.Thanks.

The feature you are looking for is Called Initial Filter, Check out the details here

Thank you for your input.

But this filters only work after the record has been saved once,
if you create a new record - and fill one field like accounts, the contacts filter will not work yet. (you have to save the record, and then edit again - filter working then but its too late… )

@xanthos84 , yes me too … this is my Thread with same question: Related to Search - Filter features after UPDATED

  1. creat a new Quote
  2. Address Information :
  3. … Account → select any Account
  4. … Contact → select Contact of Account (BUT Nothing to select) “they are gone - White list”
    (try with many Account - nothing to show)

BUT if you go to Account Module, select account and edit… list of contact with back at Quote select (step 4)