Send automated SMS to client after a specific action or event

Hi Guys, What is the best way to send out automated SMS’s to customers when a specific action is triggered?
I am looking for a way to basically send SMS alerts to clients when an invoice is issued, when a payment is received, when a package has shipped etc.
Any recommendations on services as well as SuiteCRM store integrations would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Do a quick wee search in the forums and a few solutions should pop up.

I think this is an interesting one as it can be triggered via workflow (by sending an email)

It also links off to the SuiteCRM store but I don’t have any recommendations currently as I haven’t used them personally.

BTW welcome to the community! :wave:

Hi @Savos
I understood your query. The features you want, exactly the same features “SuiteCRM SMS Drip Campaign” will provide.