How to send sms through suiteCRM?

Hi every one .
I need to send sms from suiteCRM ,How can I do SMS intergration in suitecrm ,what excatly I have to do .which module I have to use ?

How can I do this can any one help me plz ?
I have done email intergration it is working fine .

when I get SMS icon at mobile field or office phone or how can I enable that SMS Icon at at mobile field or office phone ?


suitecrm doesnt come with SMS functionality.
If you are a developer you can customize the phone filed to have icon and then use the API integration with the service provider of your choice.
There are some integration already available in SuiteCRM store You may check.

Hi @urdhvatech thank you for your valuable reponse .I am a developer but I am new to this suitecrm ,may i know where and how can I use this APIs .


I mean API of the SMS provider that you would like to use. whosoever you will have SMS provider will give you the API documentation.

Many SMS providers have a system that allow you to send an email to them, and they convert it to an SMS to a specified destination. This does not require any complexity on the SuiteCRM side, you can just send email.

Here’s an example I used many years ago

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