Selections Are Cut Off Within Drop Down Field

I have 26 items listed in a drop down.
Creating a workflow: Operator “Equal To” Value “One Of”
Select all 26 and SAVE

The top selection and the bottom 9 selections are omitted when saved and the workflow does not work.
Go back to edit the list: You see the missing items are not highlighted

Perhaps the field limit is 16?

Select all 26 in the list:

Save - you see the first item is missing (you can’t see, but the bottom 9 are also missing)

Go back into EDIT - it reflects the missing selections:

Which suitecrm version are you using?

Version 7.10.27

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Checking in to see if anyone has info on this.

This needs to be verified on the DB as what is the limit for the Condition Field and when you save all options what gets saved actually.

OK… looks like the field cuts at character 255… Condition Field has a max of 255 characters, so it’s not saving my full selected list.
Mystery solved… thanks

Here is a workaround: