Reports - Parameters-> One of > Multiple Selection - SOLVED

Issue: When creating a report and adding a multi-selection parameter, the system will concatenate all options to make a big string. If that string is longer than 255 characters, the system will save partial options only. That causes to the report to return partial data only.

Cause: The conditions are saved on table “aor_conditions” and field “value”. This is a char field with a length of 255 by default.

SOLUTION: Create a PHP file on this directory: /custom/Extension/modules/AOR_Conditions/Ext/Vardefs/value.php
(Directory doesn’t exists by default so you need to create it manually)

Copy/Paste this code (In my case I increased it to 1100. You can accommodate it to your needs):

 // custom vardef to increase field length. 


Do a Quick Repair and Rebuild

BTW. This is the same procedure to modify field length on most of the modules

Hope it helps somebody.