Restrict access to Dcouments (based on Category or Type)?

THe “based on Category or Type” portion of the subject to this post is optional. If there is another way to accomplish what I want, please advise.

I am on SuiteCRM 7.13 on Debian 11

I would like to have certain documents only accessible to specified Roles in the Security Suite while other documents are available to everyone.

I have looked at


but there is no solution in either

I am thinking that I could reserve a Document Type/Categroy/Subcategory as the setting for Documents I want restricted to, say Admin Roles. But I do not know how to use that in Security Suite to make selective restrictions. I am also open to other ideas.

In the setup for Roles in Security Suite, I can see how to restrict access to ALL documents based on the role of the user, but not selectively restrict access to only specified Documents.

I have also tried using the Security Groups setting for the Document where I assigned the Document to a High-Level (Admin) group, but even after doing that, the lowest level Group was still able to access and download the document.

Any ideas?