Document Module Permissions

Hello all,

Is it possible to have a document uploaded by a system administrator but make that document only visible to certain groups?



Yep, You should just be able to associate Documents to Security Groups via the “Mass Assign” on the Document Module List view, or the “Security Groups” subpanel on the Detail view of a Document.

So, for example, If you have a Security Group called “Group 1” and this group has a Role that has the values “Group” for the Documents Module.
This would mean that users in the Security Group “Group 1” will only be able to view Documents that are associated with “Group 1”

Although, it is worth noting that users not in any Security groups will be able to view all Documents regardless, So you may want to make a few security groups to cover all users.

We are still trying to wrap our head around this. Here is the scenario we need.

We have a group called Sales People and in that group we have a role that only allows a user to see their documents. This works great.

We now need to allow all users to see some documents while retaining the ability to see only there documents. We tried this by creating a new group called Corporate Documents with a role where documents is set to Group. We then mass assigned some documents to this new group.

Here is the problem… We have sales guy A and sales guy B in the Sales People group and they can only see their own stuff. Once we add them to the Corporate Documents group, they can now see each others documents. Even the ones that are assigned to the Sales People group and assigned to a different user.

Any thoughts?