Rest API v4_1 is not working with my new setup i.e. php 8.0, SuiteCRM 7.13

Hello All,

Rest API v4_1 is not working with my new setup.
PHP 8.0
SuiteCRM 7.13.

Kindly assist.

Thanks in advance

I had problems getting the API to work with PHP 8.0. Not sure if that’s your problem, but switching back to 7.4 magically solved my problem.

Thanks for the reply @pstevens,

Actually, we have to work on PHP8 and that is mandatory we can not use 7.4

You"ll have to track down the PHP error then. I tried and spent some time trying to get to the bottom of it but couldn’t find what the problem was exactly.

Do SuiteCRM log level to Debug and then see your PHP error logs to find the actual cause. In PHP 8, if a variable is undefined, code crashes.
So you have to find the point, where it is happening.

Yes, I am also not getting anything in php errorlog

Hi @suitecrm_developer, I tried this but got nothing in logs

Hi @pgr facing the same issue , unable to get rest api work , tried the solution at REST API v2 issue with suitecrm7.13 and php8 - #8 by crmspace

Any suggestions would be helpful