Remove a required field or relationship

I installed SuiteCRM last week and am in the process of testing things with key members of our staff, and customizing it according to our needs. One of the things we want to do is attach a contact to a case instead of an account name. I managed to the Contact (relate) field to the layouts, and that works great. However, Account name is a required field and I cannot figure out how to change that. I do not want to have an account name associated with cases. How do I remove the requirement or relationship?


  1. Create a file named ‘sugarfields_yourfieldname.php’ at \custom\Extension\modules\Cases\Ext\Vardefs
  2. Paste the following code in newly created php file.
$dictionary['Case']['fields']['account_name']['required'] = false;
  1. Run Repair and Rebuild from Admin->Repair
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Thank you, that worked with the following correction:

Create a file named 'sugarfields_yourfieldname.php'... changed to [color=#ff0000]sugarfield[/color]_yourfieldname.php.

and additional steps before rebuild:
Change ownership of the file to www-data (in my instance).
Restart Apache[/color]

Glad that it works for you.

FYI, File name can be anything. your permission and ownership of the file should be correct.

This Vardef solution did not work for us, but a config_override did

i create new file in the given path but it not work please help me.
path:-\custom\Extension\modules\Cases\Ext\Vardefs\sugarfields_date and time.php
code:-$dictionary[‘Case’][‘fields’][‘Schedule Date & Time:’][‘required’] = false;

and also Run Quick repair and rebuild but still schedule data and time required field not remove in campaign module.

Vishal Raj

Here(Schedule Date & Time:) it should be a field name instead of label of your field.

I cannot find the field name of this label in campaign module.

Can you please help, I cannot find the field name of this label,Actually it not available in campaign module,in Lable and Fields.

Oh, you are trying for campaign module then your file path should be

$dictionary[‘Campaign’][‘fields’][‘start_date’][‘required’] = false;

it not working for Schedule Date & Time i think start date is not field name, it not working

See the red astrick logo not remove from campaign module

You see in the figure Schedule Date & time has red star that has required field ,i want to remove require Schedule Data & time from customization code,please help me

Hi onebigfish
What you change in which file and which location,please help me i am not able to remove mandatory field Schedule date and time from campaign module.