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Good morning, I would need to create a web page linked to CRM with a form so that a contact/customer can register independently without having to log in to CRM.
thank you Massimo Pasinato

You want to create CRM users from this form??
If yes then you have to create your own entrypoint to pass data to and then you can create a User by Custom Code.
And if you are talking about adding Lead entries into CRM from this form, then you can use Web to Lead form feature of SuiteCRM.

very interesting and easy to implement, thank you. But I create a LEAD, not a CONTACT. is it possible to create a contact? then the wizard objects me to linking the form to a campaign, is that correct?
grazie Massimo Pasinato

By default, you can have the data synced as a Lead, then you can convert this to a Contact manually.
Yet it is possible, but you have to do code for it.

I would like to understand how it can be done directly in code. Could you help me?

The “Web-to-Lead form” has been renamed to “Web-To-Person form” several years ago, precisely to denote that it allows all types of “person” entities in SuiteCRM: Contacts, Leads, Targets, …

I have version 7.13.2 for sugar and a lead is saved. I have seen that you can then coinvert the lead into contact, but it becomes more laborious. Is there no way to create a contact directly?

v7.13.2 has that feature.

This depends on the moment when you generate the form. Look at the Docs.

very kind, thank you

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