Push events to agent interface from API

Hi Everyone,
a customer of ours would like to integrate their Contact Center System with SuiteCRM. There is no out-of-the-box connector, so the request is to push on Agent’s CRM interface the requests based on information retrieved via IVR. Let’s say we get the customer phone number from IVR and we wanto to open the customer user information pe on SuiteCRM interface already opened by the agent on his browser.

I would expext to be able to get SuiteCRM session info via API request using agent username (for example) and use the session ID on subsequent request to force the agent UI load the customer profile page (or any customer related page).

Can I accomplish this via SuiteCRM API?
Thanks for any help.


Welcome to the forum @massi.mirabello

No reason why not - unless you think any specific detail will be difficult?

Is this
A) an auto-dialling outbound call-centre problem (ie the system dials numbers and only AFTER the phone is answered is the call routed to human operator
B) an inbound situation: after the inbound caller has answered some IVR questions, they get routed to a human operator
C) something else?

The latest API is GraphQL (edited after pgr’s correction below - ie latest is not API V8

When you looked at the documentation - was there anything there that you thought might prevent SuiteCRM doing what you need?

For pushing the API further - see this thread.

Which brand “Contact Center System” is it? Does it have good documentation for its API?

Just a minor correction - the last API is the GraphQL API, which is the one I’d recommend for people starting API work now, even if it’s not very documented yet.

The API will let you read data and write data, but it won’t let you navigate the UI. It talks to the back-end, not the front-end.

But if you’re already running some code of your own in the front-end, you can probably get away with basic navigation from the the OS, for example, telling Windows or Linux or Mac to open a URL that takes you directly to a SuiteCRM landing page with the appropriate arguments; or if you have code running in the browser front-end, just open a new tab. Authentication would be required, but if it’s already done in some previous browser tab, you can get a fluid user experience.

Could Desktop Notifications in Suite help here?