Guide to API and integration


does anybody have some updates and examples on how to integrate SuiteCRM 8.x with other software systems?

As I understand, there is something like:

  • legacy/v4
  • legacy/v8
  • GraphQL

As far as it seems, there is no doc on the GraphQL and a lot of mystery around it.

Q1: Is it supposed to be the next API to integrate other software like ERP, Marketing Automation etc.? (or is it only for “internal” use - UI + backend)

Q2: Any working examples of the GraphQL in use for an integration task? (like create a record, list all records)

And then to the alternatives - those integration service platforms / ETL tools.

Myddleware seems to be using the v4 API
n8n has options on the market place, they seem to be all for Suite 7
Zapier doesn’t provide any integrations yet.
make com only has the Suite 7 connector

Q3: Which one do you recommend?

If those ETL tools don’t provide a Suite connector, it should still be possible to “build” those manually?
I should be able to interact with the Suite API via Postman as well.

So basically, any tool that provides a HTTPRequest should be able to integrate with Suite?

Q4: From a SuiteCRM standpoint, what would be a good way to use the request workaround in case a connector is missing?
(Which is basically the question 2 again - if it’s GraphQL: Which steps to take to integrate with other software?)

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For a quick and dirty solution you can create your own custom entry-points. You can use beans and make your own queries, and return stuff in JSON.

Other than that, I would recommend the GraphQL API. I posted an example somewhere in these forums of using it for a custom (extension) to the API. For the basic API, I suggest looking through the codebase, it’s full of examples of how to use it since the entire Angular UI goes through that API.

Before, the SuiteCRM API was only used for external access; now, it is used internally for all back-end operations called from the UI.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve seen your post with the custom entry point.

But I was looking for an extenal solution - just as you mentioned for external access.
Meaning: As a Python developer who knows little about SuiteCRM, how to work with its data via its API?
It seems like, the legacy v8 has some examples around and tailored towards external integrations.
GraphQL has no docs - but can/should it be used for external integrations?

The point is that the external use is the same as the internal use.

You can check examples in the PHP source code, and in Javascript, and translate them to Python or whatever, and it is quite direct - just a GraphQL endpoint and JSON moving around in both directions. Most of all you will just need to read GraphQL documentation, then applying it to SuiteCRM should be straight-forward.