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Hi There,

We were anxiously awaiting the new version - thanks for the hard work in getting it released today.

I am having difficulty finding the option that will allow me to create a Project Template. Can you advise on where this might be found? Is there a view that needs to be modified to show it?

I went to Projects expecting it to be one of the drop down items - but only options were “Create Project”, “View Project List”, “Resource Chart”, and “View Project Tasks”.

I see the option while creating a project to assign a Project Template, but no way to create that template.

Any assistance you could provide would be much appreciated.


Steve Fox

Got it. Looks like it needed to be added through the display modules and subpanels.


Steve Fox

Hi sfox,
I’m checking too…
…but it seems unusefull, selecting the template into the project it do not apply the templates values, tasks etc…
is that true?

Correct - I have not been able to get much use of it. When I apply the template to a new project none of the settings or the project tasks I created port over.

I decided to go back to workflows to handle again. If anyone has any suggestions or has been able to get it working then advice would be appreciated.


Steve Fox

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ve no idea about the assignation of this part of the project on the official repository.

I’ll writing a logichook to solve this issue following my requirement in the next days.
I’ll keep update this topic about any progress.

Have you guys upgraded to the latest version of suite or are using a fresh install of 7.2?

Have you reset permissions and done a quick repair and rebuild?

I just tested this on a fresh download of 7.2 and it worked fine but only after I did a quick repair and rebuild.

How it works is:

  1. You create your Project template
  2. You then add tasks to the project template via the subpanel
  3. You go to the Project template menu and hit the Create project button.
  4. A pop-up will then appear and ask you for your new projects name and start date.
  5. Once you enter those and click ‘Create Project’ and you are then taken directly to the newly created project where you will see all the project details and tasks have been ported across from the template.

If the above doesn’t work for you then you need to do a quick repair and rebuild and potentially a rebuild relationships, you may also need to set permissions to a very open setting before carrying out those steps and then change them back.

I am the one who created all these project enhancements.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the feedback and your great contribute, this look to me a very productive part of the suitecrm projects!

You are right, my installation is upgraded from 7.1
After rebuild and rebuild relationship nothing change.

Just for quick touch, where is stored the trigger that copy the tasks from the template?

I’ll install a fresh installation of the 7.2 and back to you with my feedback.


You may need to set your permissions to 755 or even 777 then the repair and rebuild then change your permissions back.

The method is in modules/AM_ProjectTemplates/controller.php

No lucky,
won’t work on fresh installation too…

My enviorment is a CentOS with PHP5.3…
for the test privileges are set to 777

Should work, check the php error log etc And 777 your new test installation and repair and rebuild then check again just to see.

I’m using php 5.5 under ubuntu on this local machine and it works fine.

This is the log early after the project creation (selecting the template)
I’ve no read it yet…still analyzing right now…


Are you creating the project first then selecting the template?

all in one shoot!

The above made it sounds like your are trying to select the template from inside a project :unsure: Which is wrong.

Ouch!! :pinch: :pinch:
you are right…

I used it improperly…

It works!!

Hi Andy,

Appreciate the explanation on how to add a new project using that template. The relationship reference in the place you would normally create a Project was definitely a bit confusing.

I did run into a problem with the Project tasks. I had 4 project tasks set up. I entered name and start date and then it went to a blank screen. The project was created with 2 of the project tasks and the other 2 project tasks did not create.

Are there any restrictions with regards to predecessors, milestone, etc?.. when I removed those 2 project tasks the process went exactly as you described.


Steve Fox

Yeah we should probably hide the the relate field from the editview in Project. Its just there to show which template the Project is related to.

  1. You must have entered something that caused a fatal error with one of the tasks hence the blank screen. Its hard to say what caused it without knowing exactly what you entered and an error report. If it happens again check your php error log and post it here.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for my english, the solution to this error is to add to the array that stores the final dates the date when the counter is different from one in the controller.php from modules\Am_projectTemplates

if($count == ‘1’){
$project_task->date_start = $start;
$enddate = $startdate->modify(’+’.$row[‘duration’].’ ‘.$duration_unit);
$end = $enddate->format(‘Y-m-d’);
$project_task->date_finish = $end;
$enddate_array[$count] = $end;
$GLOBALS[‘log’]->fatal(“DATE:”. $end);
else {
$start_date = $count - 1;
$startdate = DateTime::createFromFormat(‘Y-m-d’, $enddate_array[$start_date]);
$GLOBALS[‘log’]->fatal(“DATE:”. $enddate_array[$start_date]);
$start = $startdate->format(‘Y-m-d’);
$project_task->date_start = $start;
$enddate = $startdate->modify(’+’.$row[‘duration’].’ '.$duration_unit);
$end = $enddate->format(‘Y-m-d’);
$project_task->date_finish = $end;
$enddate = $end;
// this line is missing
$enddate_array[$count] = $end;


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I have the same problem sfox… I included 4 task but I receive a black screen and if I go to the Project Menu I see the Project with only 2 task.