Problems with a new installation

Greetings community,

I have tried to make fresh installations of the latest version of CrmSuite, as well as the latest stable one, and after doing the installation (I had done it on many occasions with previous versions 7.8.x, 7.9.x and 7.10.x) it shows me the login but without the correct structure, as if it couldn’t call the theme.

Tried multiple instances, with https, without https, with a sub domain, and tried other changes where it was logical to make a change.

Then I tried to do the installation on another server and the same problem. The server is running MySQL 5.x and PHP 7.2.34. Anyone with an idea of what may be going on?

looks like a permission/ownership issue, did you check those chown/chmod commands (given the fact that you might need different owners)?

The problem was of permissions … Change the permissions to 775 of the cache, custom, data, modules, theme, upload folders. This fixed it.