Problem with module name and label

Hello. I deployed a package containing several modules.
Now one of the modules is not showing the label title or name of the module instead the system name (provided by the package). the module is showing everywhere as C4SET_Torre and not as Torre
Attached a picture. Where could I check this label and try to correct it?

Well. First try to run Quick Repair and Rebuild from Admin. If that doesn’t work, then try to rename the module from admin as well.

More info here: How to change module name

Hello @BrozTechnologies already did that (repair and rebuild, repair js,etc). I cannot rename it. Eve though it appears on the menu is not in the list of module for renaming. Should I redeploy the package?

When that happens is usually due to file permissions. Are you in Linux or Windous?

Linux, but I have done chamos 755 and set owner to www-data recursively. And it’s weird because there were 4 modules on that package and only one is having that issue

Ok. Then it might be some corrupted files on y our package. I agree with you that it’s better check your package and redeploy it properly. Just make sure you backup you DB before.

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