PHP modules for SuiteCRM 8

I just installed fresh copy of suiteCRM 8.5.0 on Plesk/CentOS server. I am at the testing faze atm and everything seems to work for now. But looking at the installation documents there is a list of required php modules and I am missing three modules from the lis. Cli, Common, and Soap module. Do i need to install them as I am accessing CRM normally. Installation also passed all the checks.

Yes install those 3 missing modules. Here’s the official list of php modules required by Suite 8.

Yes I will install, but I was just wondering is it necessary as my CRM is already working.
Thank you.

It can work until it attempts to fulfill a request to do a task requiring those modules, then it will crash with an error, or show a mysterious blank white screen.

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I agree, you are right. I installed all required PHP modules.
My question was more directed toward security concerns. Les modules you have better security.
But again if application needs them there is no way around.

You could remove phpinfo page from your server to make it more secure. So, hackers don’t get any information about your web server.

Few tips here:

Yes, as Chris suggested that we have to download those packages otherwise you will get errors in the future.

How did you set up for the plesk panel, is there any manual?