SuiteCrm installation with Plesk

Hello everyone!

I am installing SuiteCrm via Plesk. I created a new domain, created a new database and extracted the SuiteCrm folder in the httpdocs directory. I have enabled all permissions of the Suitecrm folder. If I click on preview I see the installation page, but if I try to type the address of the domain created on the browser I get the generic error “Cannot reach the site”

Can someone help me?

Hey there,

I haven’t used Plesk myself, but after searching around, I’d found a few Support Articles that seem like they could be related:

Have you had a look through the above?
I hope something in there can point in the right direction!

Outside of that, does Plesk have any form of error logging available to yourself?
If so, does anything of note appear in the logs?