order management with suite CRM

hello folks,

we are evaluating using suite CRM for following features. Could someone validate if this is possible in suitecrm out of the box or customization is required

  1. customer self service (for placing orders via portal)
  2. order management( creating orders by choosing products)
  3. Trouble ticketing
  4. contracts/entitlements
  5. how can order be integrated with other sytems? what are approaches and options available.
    can we configure products as in other CRM systems like hierarchy root product->child product->etc?

Thanks in Advance


Hi there,

There is no order/purchase functionality as standard in SuiteCRM. You can create contracts and ticketing(cases).



Any idea which Joomla shopping cart estore apps might’ve already been integrated with SugarCRM or SuiteCRM AOS Advanced OpenSales ? Must avoid the hassle of double-entry of data related to Products catalog , Product Categories, Quotes, Invoices, and Contracts, between the two worlds of sales (to be handled by SuiteCRM) and order management and payment (to be handled by whichever Joomla eshop app).

Hi Chris,

I don’t believe there is a shop out there in production use with this functionality. There may be some e-commerce integrations on Sugar Forge.



So we could run rouble tickets as cases? I haven’t looked in depth at SuiteCRM; but our eval must include the ability to give support a case history so they don’t ask the same questions, and sales must have some idea of outstanding issues when they engage with clients…

hello guys,

let me push this topic again upwards.

As I understand SuiteCRM has still not a order management module because the meaning of SuiteCRM is that this more like a module for the ERP software and not for the CRM software.

I currently not sure if a CRM system without order management is the best choose for our company.
Let me explain our current software situation:
We are using an old DOS based system from the 90s which was permanently updated for all departments in the company, except for the sales department.
The main functions of the system are: Order management, work flow of the job, account and contact database. Further functions are: Invoice, credit note and some statistical tool.
Our system has not been maintained for two years now because we want to buy on a modern ERP. We don’t have CRM typical tools which makes the business with the customer more transparency. Means we have currently a lot of excel based tools which are not efficient.

My main question is:
As the ERP system will be launched in approx. 2 years make it sense to invest time in SuiteCRM to learn the world of CRM? From my point of view it is hard to find an optimal solution because we need to work parallel with our DOS system and SuiteCRM to avoid missing information in one of the systems. Our IT says it makes no sense to have two sources for accounts and contacts, Also we can not use the quote module because here is a lot of time necessary to implement our internal needs.

So start with CRM or wait for the ERP?