Opt Out link now working when used in email template in workflow

I have created an opt out tracker from Campaigns and use the URL generated in the Email template that I was using in the workflow. I am running the workflow for Contacts module. But whenever I click on the unsubscribe option in email template it takes me to a blank page and I see that the Opt OUt is not yet checked in Contacts module.
Is there something that I am missing.
This is the URL that I am using for opt out : http://xxx/index.php?entryPoint=removeme

Looking forward for the help.


did you get this to work?
as far as I understand the unsubscribe link is individual for each recipient and is linked to a campaign (-> get’s tracked in campaign_log).

seems you’d need to do some customizations to get an unsubscribe link to work for workflow emails. would be cool though, at least for a global unsubscribe link as in “I don’t want to receive any email from you again ever” -> block email addresses in Suitecrm customer record.

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