Open Source plugins - they need a place here !

there seems no central place here to talk about, or list open-source plugins.
( Forgive me if I’ve missed something (I have looked hard).

Taking the example of the open-source Redmine project: they do a good job of allowing people to publicise their open source plugins, in a directory

See the link to the Plugin Directory from this Redmine page:

Having a central place where plugins can be shared and improved together: would perhaps help accelerate SuiteCRM take up.

Right now, I see on Github that good plugins are being produced in the community: so we just lack a Directory for them here.


PS - for quality, paid-for plugins SalesAgility have partnered with sugarforge at which is an excellent resource.

But that still leaves a gap for the community-coded plugins.

(actually is not perfect - as searching there fails to find the excellent plugins that SalesAgility provide elsewhere -eg the OutLook one! sourceForge ought to add those plugins -to stop confusion when people search and not find them


Another extension from GitHb

or this dev Toolkit

I have no idea of the quality of these - it’s just ones that looked interesting at first glance on Githib, with my in-expert eye.

Opacus Thunderbird plugin ( abit old now…

GraphQL SuiteCRM Composer Package

GeneratorTargetList (for use with KReports it appears (I’m not certain - the notes are Spanish which I don;t speak)

TemaBMyA2: A theme - based on S7: 3yrs old and not upgrade safe ?

Custom Queries

Web Site Account Control (WAC) Using SuiteCRM

Python API for web services (is for SugarCRM only ?)

PHP wrapper class for the SugarCRM REST API: do any of the many forks work with SuiteCRM ?


Insurance Broker System - build on SuiteCRM

Autoincrement Field

Receives an email and then archives it into the SuiteCRM system.

SuiteCandy: New JS application front end for SuiteCRM

User Activity tracking Report

Asterisk / FreePBX integration

SMS Marketing

true tabbed subpanel solution (only 17 days old !)

Reset permissions via browser ( a script)

A Quick-Repair-Fix tool:

Click to call telephone integration


Thanks for this!

bump, this is a great thread should be kept alive.

I had a 10 minute look at github - these projects have all been updated in the last 6 months - and may be of interest.
I’ve not used any of them.

sms77 SMS module for Suite CRM

Suite PY is a simple Python client for SuiteCRM API.

bPortal is a SuiteCRM portal written using django project.

SuiteCRM Analytics using pentaho

Bash Script to fix SuiteCRM file permissions

I can only support this topic – thanks for the effort @DJuser

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SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector - AsterLink