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suitecrm v-9.9.0 How to enable or set SuiteR Theme. at the admin theme setting not displaying all themes.

Hello, this is not possible. The other themes are deprecated, if you want to keep using them you have to stay at 7.8.4 (this is a long term support version).

There were technical reasons for this - SuiteP uses a different technology underneath, and the new Email module in 7.9 was developed with that technology. Doing the same thing for SuiteR would almost double the work… so it wasn’t possible.

You can do this by editing:


Find the line

‘regex_matches’ => array(’^7.[0-8][^\d]’),

and change it to:

‘regex_matches’ => array(’^7.[0-9][^\d]’),

I’m guessing this might break the new email module (we don’t use it), but so far everything else looks OK.

Hopefully, a way to customize the colours, spacing, etc. of the Suite P theme will be available in 7.10.

i am using suitecrm 7.9.1 and want to change themse like suitecrm old version.

As indicated above, providing you do not need to use the SuiteCRM 7.9.x email module, you can simply make the above edit to “themedef.php”.

I wouldn’t be so optimistic about using v7.9 without SuiteP “provided you don’t use the Email module”. There have been tons of changes in the code, other things will surely break.

So consider the hack above as what it is: a hack, something not be done in production, something to do at your own risk.


Personally, I’m not optimistic … which is why I installed the Suite P Compact modification to 7.9.x and made some additional changes in the CSS, to suit my needs.

I’m sure other modules will eventually break as the new technology (used in 7.9.x) migrates into other modules.

I think the problem for some users was blindly upgrading to 7.9.x and then not being able to backtrack, once they encountered the single [Suite P] theme.

@paullm your solution is fine, using SuitePImproved is actually a lot less risky than using SuiteR with the hack, in my opinion. I just didn’t want people suggesting here that the hack was a good solution without leaving some word of warning.

@pgr, does SuiteP improved solve the issue with the colours failing to meet accessibility guidelines? If it doesn’t then from my point of view enabling SuiteR is the safer option as a quick solution. SuiteP potentially leaves us open to a challenge under the Disabilities Discrimination act, SuiteR simply means that something might be broken. Right now we are simply evaluating upgrade choices, whether to go for 7.8LTS or 7.9 on the grounds of features, so this isn’t live. If we go for 7.9 it might be that I hack together a hybrid of SuiteP and SuiteR in order to make the system useable and compliant.

However, I can’t stress this enough, the people I work with do not believe that the SuiteP colour scheme complies with disabilities legislation, it was the very first thought that was voiced by myself and my colleagues when we installed a test system for evaluation. Regardless of whether a colour scheme editor is added, there has to be a rethink on the default colour scheme in SuiteP, and to be quite frank this website, there’s far too much “dark grey on light grey” text.

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I simply think we are waaay past the point of protest for SuiteP. It’s been said, it’s been heard, it’s being worked on, people just need to calm down, use 7.8.6 which is LTS.

Have a look at the new colours, are they ok for accessibility? If not, say so in that other thread.

I just wanted to stress that using 7.9 with a SuiteR hack is a technological inferior option, with risks. I don’t care if people choose to take risks, I just want them to do so in an informed manner.

@pgr, I’ve made an appropriate post on the thread you linked.

The risks of using SuiteR in 7.9 are understood, but for us deploying 7.9 with Suite P is not an option. Which I find frustrating, since a release with such a clearly non-compliant theme as the only choice should simply never have happened. There are some nice features in 7.9 which it would be nice to have available, so we’ll do some testing with 7.9+SuiteR to see if the stuff we need and would like works. If it does, we might go for 7.9+SuiteR, if not we’ll go for 7.8.

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To bring things back to a positive … does anyone on your team have any CSS knowhow?

From re-reading your posts, if screen contrast in 7.9.x is the deal-breaker for your organization (due to potential regulatory issues), fixing that is actually not a huge undertaking. You just need to increase the font-weights (and maybe the font sizes) and remove the light-grey backdrops, to improve clarity.

That merely requires some edits to your “style.css” file and using the “Inspect” facility in Chrome will point you to approximately where those edits need to be made.

(A “Repair and Rebuild” is not required for CSS changes, btw).

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Yes me! However, I don’t really have the time to deal with fixing styling issues which should never have occurred in the first place.

OK, but some of the changes desired are merely global search-and-replaces and I would bet that those CSS changes would actually take you less time than performing the other tests/checks that you mentioned higher up in this thread.

The testing would have to happen regardless of the colour issues, so that time is already accounted for, it’s also being done by somebody who doesn’t have CSS experience.

I am also very frustrated to be forced to change the theme.
Is there a possibility to downgrade the database to from 7.9 to 7.8 and use a fresh 7.8 installation afterwards?

@krokogras no, there is no way back to previous versions, other than the backups or VM snapshots you should be making before any upgrade.

A quick update, at first glance re-enabling SuiteR in the SuiteCRM 7.10 beta with the themedef hack seems to no longer be an option, when I tried to enabling it the interface was badly broken.

What worries me is that the supplied SuiteP colour scheme is still unchanged and as such not complaint with disabilities legislation anywhere in the EU. I am aware that some alternative colour schemes are being worked on, these HAVE to make it into the Suite 7.10 final release, fixing this should have been a priority for 7.10, so the absence of a decent colour scheme from 7.10 is a total mystery to me. The default SuiteP scheme gives me eye strain (as does this forum which has the same faults) because of the lack of contrast, to be honest it’s a mystery to me how it ever got through QA in the first place, it would have been instantly rejected had it been presented to me.

Sorry for the rant, but I find this very frustrating.

Yes, don’t worry, it’s in 7.10 beta3, and it will be in 7.10 release.

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