Notification is not working

Good day guys!

i’ve been looking for some answers on how to troubleshoot the notification in suite CRM because since i’ve installed suiteCRM the notification is not working. (for your reference see below).

Please guys, help me.

I have been having the same issue. We are running on Windows Server. Would love to know a solution for this. You can try the “Enable Desktop Notifications” option under the advanced settings tab for each individual, however this didn’t work for me.

Notifications works with the default notification of SugarCRM, that are in Tasks, Calls and Meetings (you need to set a notification reminder), then you need to activate on each user, up right corner click on your username, then advanced and there you’ll have to activate desktop notifications and your browser will ask you to activate, click yes. Then test.

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I don’t know about the OP, however I have attempted both of those and tested multiple times to no avail. Is there any other reason the built in notification system wouldn’t be working?

check this post

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That post was regarding the email reminders - which I was able to get working. Email reminders are working without issue on our system now. The desktop notifications/CRM notification system isn’t working currently. I have set multiple notifications in calls - yet none of them will popup.

can you post screenshots of your scheduled call, user settings (up right corner)

have you clicked on this?

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hi mike,

i’ve already done that but it’s not working for me.

i’m still a beginner here.

Please enlighten me more about this issue.


I know the time settings are correct because I am receiving the emails on time. The notifications never pop for some odd reason however. I have clicked the enable desktop notifications button before, on multiple users to no avail. keep me posted.

what SuiteCRM version you have? are you using the Suite7 theme? can you try it with the SuiteR theme?

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We are running version 7.6.4, and have been using suite R as the default and only enabled theme.

oh… is getting hard to debug, can you set a test environment? like a clean SuiteCRM 7.6.4 and try it again?

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I will set up a fresh instance on our test install this afternoon and try it again. Do I need to configure scheduler for the notifications to work on the test server?

of course, you need to set a functional SuiteCRM instance.

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Finally got around to creating a separate, fresh instance of suiteCRM on the same machine as our production one. The notifications are still not working. What would be the next steps?

Please give us as much as info you can of your system, OS, PHP, Apache, DB, self hosted or not, etc.

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Self Hosted Windows Server 2012 R2
Intel Xeon CPU 2620 v2
64GB of Ram
Hosting using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
Microsoft SQL Server
Running PHP version 5.4.45

All self hosted, DB and Web Server on the same machine.

I think your RAM isn’t enough xD, just kidding, let’s start with your PHP that’s not officially supported try upgrading it.

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lol… at this point I’d believe it. So I upgraded PHP to 5.6, and now the CRM will not load altogether. I also installed the MS SQL Server PHP add-on for the right version as well.

I hope that you’re working in a test environment and not production. I’m not that Microsoft guy so I can’t help you with this, sorry.

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