Migration path from SuiteCRM 7.x to 8.0 Days or Weeks/months away?

I’m using now SuiteCRM 7 now. We would like to update to ver 8, wondering if we should do this manually or wait for wizard? This would depend on time frame we would have to wait.

Please note that the upgrade/migration path from SuiteCRM 7.x to 8.0 is not yet available. Further information regarding the migration process from SuiteCRM 7 will be released very soon.**

“Very soon” is way to vague to get an idea of what we are talking about.

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I guess your decision also depends on factors your end like:

  • what version of Suite are you on
  • how deeply customised is it (how many modules customised / how many not)
  • how much theme /sizing/colors have you customised
  • how many users depend on Suite each day

If you are considering to migrate BEFORE a wizard is ready - sounds like you are very savvy PHP/Suite guys! Would be willing to volunteer some time, perhaps to a small group working on some parts of a wizard together

Or something else that would help your team an everyone:- Maybe you could do some research - and help the community by sharing your results - eg - test any 3rd-party module you have in production, on a copy system of 8?

It seems to me this is not a high priority, .0.1 is out and not a migration path

I think there might be other factors at play here.

Making it too easy to upgrade would surely bring a lot of problems to people who don’t plan adequately, and I am afraid in a world of free software and thousands of small installations, that happens a lot.

The upgrade from 7 to 8 really needs to be done in a test system, tested and planned for. So I guess it is prudent to avoid, at least initially, having a ton of people ruin their SuiteCRM 7 installations without proper backups… sad, but true. By “ruining” I don’t mean any actual problems with Suite8 (although there will necessarily be a few of those), I just mean people who don’t understand the changes to the views with the new architecture and assume their add-ons and customizations will all work…

@DJuser, releasing 8 without a migration path from 7 is amateur hour stuff. If your response represents the “community” this project is toast.

I have to assume you mean well, but don’t really know this project or this Community. There’s no rich company making tons of money from SuiteCRM and providing an endless number of developers to do everything at once. And there are reasons (some of which I suggested above) for taking things one step at a time.

The team needs the wider community to test Suite8 seriously. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen with the Beta.

It’s not fully completed and ready yet? Ok. Why should we have a problem with that? Are we not getting enough value for money from the free SuiteCRM product? Is the company that puts up 99% of the money for this project’s development at fault somehow?

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Everything or jobs must be operated by energy, the value of Open Source too, must have people, knowledge and money … to operate … Free OS is necessary and meet the needs of people is true, and the most necessary things are time and financial investment for research, development and “we are using it free” … like @PGR mentioned above, need time, people and finance … I agree

We as community need to fulfill our part as well.

I remember many of us were asking for a testing version 8 for months. Now that is here for testing and improving, many of us are complaining about the issues, migration…

Lets make sure we create a test environment and test properly. Then, lets share our findings here at the forum or at Github.

That will help to create a robust Version 8.

Let’s stop complaining about the problem and lets start to be part of the solution!!

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Having all/much of the ver 7 users onboard would bring to the table many new testers.

In my original post I was merely asking for some time frame of a migration path in order to be able to plan properly

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I’m very grateful for SuiteCRM.

Maybe I need to read the previous comments with fresh eyes. My original take was that someone asking a fair question was being called out for not contributing. I was asserting that taking the time to test, evaluate, ask questions, etc. are all valid contributions. Perhaps we are saying the same thing.

What does this project need the most? I want help.


Good Morning Everyone!

We all appreciate those that contribute in any manner, but what we all need to be honest with is there are different levels of individual worth in all these contributions and that one should self reflect and ask, have I given enough back for what I have receive? Now, of course we aren’t demanding anything from anyone but only ask one to deduce themselves if they can help and action it. Whether it be providing constructive feedback, providing financial aid, writing documentation, answering others in the community etc
So let’s just pull back from this philosophy and re-phrase this topic.

There is no official migration path from SuiteCRM 7.x to SuiteCRM 8.x. There is an unofficial one, but it requires testing. If the official migration path is not in the near future what can we and others do to either help with bringing it closer if possible?

I’ll be honest @YONA1 your initial question is perfectly valid, and unfortunately this thread did go off into a bit of a tangent. People throwing in opinions based on this one thread, or one aspect of the project. But I’m glad it did, folk talking about the importance of contributions and as a strong drive for open source is “if you have an itch, then scratch it if able".

We do not have a definite date for the official Wizard migration to Suite 8.x. We will be revising the requirements for this in the New Year/January. As Suite 8 minor release cycle being every 3 months and not an ERS (Extended Release Support) there may be more aspects we need to consider when migrating data + customisations in the immediate future. So, yes, having a GUI migration Wizard is not the top most priority: security patches and bug fixes for the existing functionality is, untill we reconvene in the New Year. As folk have said there is unofficial migration documentation but this is aimed at those that are willing to help with troubleshooting and improving it more with constructive feedback and testing. If you are able and want to participate in that then jump onboard and we can take it from there. @DJUser had a good shout out for the working group.

All and all, there is a way to migrate but it’s at the discretion of the user. We understand people want to migrate to Suite 8, that’s fantastic, but out of everything we did it just wasn’t included. We hear the community and we’re taking on board your concerns and requests. But let’s be humble and pragmatic, rather than not. :slight_smile:


What does this project need the most? I want to help.

If you have PHP skills, there are lots of places where you might invest some time.

If you more on the User side, and your company gets sufficient value from using Suite that your bosses may be willing to pay small sums of money to get specific bugs fixed - then ping me a direct message.
There is a small group of 3 or 4 of us forming, looking to focus on fixing some of the more glaring bugs/friction that users see. We’ll decide in what things, each contribute a small sum to get the work down and have it submitted very quickly into core SuiteCRM.
I’ve had conversations with Ashley, the community manager at SalesAgility and she’s looking into how the fixes can be put through very quickly , with least effort on SalesAgility’s part: they already put in 99% of the work on Suite - which we’re all hugely grateful for.

See: Would bug fixes be quickly merged into Core - if we supplied the code changes?