Would bug fixes be quickly merged into Core - if we supplied the code changes?

we’re thinking of paying someone to fix a couple of bugs for us, if we contribute that code, can we be certain it would be considered and merged into core quickly?

I know the Sales Agility team are busy on Suite 8 right now.

We would use someone known and trusted to the Suite community here.

Might include a non-bug, that causes UI friction for users (but is not a UI change). They are not large things.
We’d check that they worked for the new 8 too. (we’re on 7.11)

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You can report the bugs or use the existing Issues log in repo to create a PR and that suggested fix can be used by others.

thanks for the quick answer - the process sounds good.

We know the SA team are very busy - so any suggestions you have to make it as easy as possible for your team to ‘just commit’ would be welcome.

Morning @DJuser !

Yes, Suite 8 is finally released and the team have a wee breather to reflect on both versions.

It’s wonderful to see contributions from others and of course we appreciate them all. Currently the team are reviewing PRs and finalising the roadmap for both versions so if you wanted to raise the code we can assess if they are suitable. Mention myself in the PRs/Issues raised and I’ll pull those items up for the frequent backlog grooming. We are nearing Christmas I can’t give promise if everything will be merged that quickly as you can imagine there is alot in the 7 backlog but certainly you’ll have my attention.


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Thanks Ashley - you are a star!
Yes - Xmas is very close now - too late for any fixes to be prepared.

I’ve actually had my users in the last 10 days spot another 3 or 4 bugs in Suite that are very ‘user visible’.

I liked the process I read that KDE (in the Linux world) are trying - they call it a focus on the ‘15 minute bugs’ = bugs that users find in their first 15 minutes of usage.
I have now several bugs on the list. So higher costs to fix them (my company is not a PHP house).

So I have pinged a few people on the forums to see if they would be willing to form a small group - to shared fixes - and potentially share costs. A group of companies, that like us, are using Suite every day as users: and want to ensure our users never have reason to question the choice we made for Suite!

Hopefully the fact that the fixes will be fed back into the core right away, will make the bosses at each company feel that the small cost is a nice ‘giving back’ to the community, too.

Thanks again for your response - I know you have to juggle many things there at salesAgility - we are all so grateful for the great work you all do :slight_smile:


PS - I realised the Title of this Thread has been wrong (typo) all along…

It should refer to ‘BUG’ fixes - not to ‘BIG’ fixes…

I just edited that to correct it now…

I love your enthusiasm! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That sounds like a great step forward. We are currently working on making the community backlog more visible as well as attainable (how do we identify the most requested bugs, what is the higher priorities, what are the minor but high impact bugs that put people off). Hopefully I’ll be able to share that with you before Christmas.

Yes, I know KDE very well, in fact I’ve spoken to Jonathan on a number of occasions. There is certainly alot we (SuiteCRM) can learn from other projects and members like yourselves are key in sharing things that we can embrace to make it even better!

Look forward to speaking with you really soon :+1:

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It was good to chat last week @samus-aran: I look forward to hearing from you how we can make this flow of fixes get incorporated into core very rapidly, whilst minimising effort required from SalesAgility.

There are now 3 of us in the embryonic group: willing to decide together what quick improvements for users we think best, and to each pay $100 or etc to have them solved and submitted to SalesAgility.

PS - If anyone reading this might be interested in joining this little group - do DM me.

The ideal profile is where your organisation gets value from Suite, has more than 4 or 5 daily users of it: and the bosses are positively motivated towards Suite and willing to pay small amounts, for specific bite sized improvements that will benefit the whole community, as a way of giving back.

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