Meeting Scheduling

Hello Team,

I am new to Suite CRM and trying features across the tool and facing below issues:

  1. Meeting Schedule : When I try to schedule a meeting, and add Invitee for the same. The email is getting triggered to only the user who is creating meeting and other invitees are not receiving mails, I want user as well as all invitee should get the mail. How I can enable this?

  2. Kanban Views : Also, do we have any way to visualize reports in Kanban View.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Why hello @sumitrathi95 Welcome to the community! :wave:

What SuiteCRM version are you using? That meeting invitee bug was resolved in the latest 7.12.2/8.0.1 so I would recommend an update to resolve that.

Kanban Views: We don’t have a kanban view in 7.12.x or 8 currently, but SuiteCRM 8 will have one in the near releases. As for SuiteCRM 7.12.x there are free and paid for plug-ins that provide that. Check out the Show & Tell category particularly Kanban board for any SuiteCRM modules