"Login credentials incorrect" upon suitecrm8 fresh install

Hello all,

After a hard time installing suitecrm8 on ubuntu 18.04 server I have the message “Login credentials incorrect, please try again” message.
I’m sure the password is correct as I used the following solution:


I also tried a lot of proposed solutions on the forum, it’s not working, I still have this in /public:

And no menu on /public/legacy:

  • mod_rewrite is ok
  • I tried install composer in root folder and legacy folder

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @sunwukong69 I don’t think the setting the password in the database will help with this as it’s a new way of authenticating between front and back end.

Can you describe some of the things yo have tried to resolve this so we don’t repeat ourselves when offering suggestions.

Also just double check you have set your database details in both config and env.local.
Check out 2. Login issue in this post.

Thank you for your answer,

I made a new install. Everything is working now.

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I made just now a fresh installation of Suitecrm 8.2.3, and I got the same result:

  • on Home » SuiteCRM I got after the installation wizard, no menu
  • Login credentials incorrect, but I accurately set user=admin password=admin

Same problem here! Did you ever resolve it?

I’ve run into the same issue and have started a new thread here: Fresh install of 8.2.3 causes 401 login error

I really hope someone has figured out how to fix it.

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