Fresh install of 8.2.3 causes 401 login error

I recently did a fresh install of 8.2.3 and ran into some issues. First of all, I had to apply the fix here to even see the install wizard: Invalid CSRF token - #4 by gerong

After doing that, it let me complete the installation. However, after installation, I was redirected to the login screen. When I tried to log in, I got the login failed message. Upon investigation, the login call is returning a 401 error. If I click the link directly from the console (/login) it displays “Login Success”. I can log in if I go to legacy/index.php but of course, I can’t use the site properly like that.

I do see my database information in .env.local with the format
mysql://[user]:[passsword]@localhost:[port]/[database] It is the only line in the file.

I’ve double-checked my permissions and also ran the composter install command at the base folder.

At this point, I’ve run out of ideas on getting this to work.

EDIT: It seems when looking at the server response, I once again get the error:

{error: "Invalid CSRF token."}
"Invalid CSRF token."
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I have almost the same situation:

  • fresh install of 8.2.3, wizard ok
  • “Login credentials incorrect …” at /login
  • can login at legacy/index.php but with no menu displaying

hi,how to resolve this issue?

Unfortunately, I was never able to fix it. My team decided, that due to the constant issues with SuiteCRM that we were going to start migrating to a different CRM. It’s a shame, but it seems like Salesagility does very little QA on their releases and always have ongoing issues like this.