Leads subpanel under Account not populating

Whenever I have a new Lead that needs to be assigned to an account I want that Lead to pop up in the Leads subpanel under an Account.

I found this old Community post that is similar to my problem but not exactly it: Contact Subpanel is not syncing with the account name

For example, whenever I create a new Contact in the contacts module and assign the contact to an account I see that contact show up under the account in the contacts subpanel. Essentially I want this functionality for the Leads module as well and the only way I can do it is to create the Lead and then go into the Accounts subpanel, click select, and add the already created Lead to the subpanel. There is already a One-to-Many relationship built between the Accounts and Leads modules. Is there anyway for this to work?


Do you not convert these leads?

That would be the process to link a Lead to an existing Account as you’ll be creating a new contact from that lead.

What’s your process?

You are right, that is also our process for when we come in contact with a company we’ve never worked with before. However, sometimes we find a new person for an Account we have already worked with and we just don’t know anything about that new person yet. We would like to create that user as a Lead at first before we make them a contact for the Account. It is possible to do so from the quick create menu that exists in the subpanel, and we can use that if needed, but it would be nice to be able to create the Lead in the Leads module and have that Lead automatically show up under the account without having to select from the Lead list.

Yeah, out the box the process is to convert a Lead in order to link it to an existing Account. But that Lead will be without an account until then…

I’m afraid it’s a chicken and egg scenario. If you want to relate a lead to an account without it being converted then that could would allow accounts to be created before lead conversion.

There is ways to change that Account name in leads into a Relate field, but that would cause the above situation. Replicate relate field behaviour in Leads

Thank you for your help. I talked it over with my team and we decided it is not a necessary feature for us to have. We have altered our process a bit to work with SuiteCRM for now.

Thanks again!

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