Contact Subpanel is not syncing with the account name


I am able to sync account name from the lead module, which means after saving the lead record I am able to see the lead synced account name under the subpanel section.

However, if I view the account module and if I view the contact sub panel, I am not able to view the contact name synced to the account. My workflow creating an account record, and the contact record after saving the lead record, but contact is not syncing to the account module.

Please Help

Perhaps the contact record doesn’t have relationship with the account record.

Hi @p.konetskiy,

Is there any other way I can build relationship between account and contact?

Thank you

This subpanel show records which have relationship. You can make relationship when create records account and contact using WorkFlow or LogicHook.

Hi p.konetskiy
i create one workflow for showing Account-name in my subpanel of opportunity module,it works properly but new creating opprotunity show account name old record not show account name can you help me.

Here i create new Opportunity-7 and opportunity-2 is old record only Opportunity-7 Account-name will be show but in Opportunity-2 Account-name will not show.