Lead account relationship

Hi Lovely Community,

I use SUITE CRM for my data management. we are a product based company and provided school ERP solutions.

So in my case the account name would be the school name.

Now I Have uploaded all my leads with details like Account name.

Lets suppose I have 1000 leads and out of which I have converted 100 into accounts.
So in total I have 100 Account in my SUITE CRM.

Issue is when I need to add a new contact , which is not a account.

for eg there is a lead of John whose account name mentioned in lead is Oxford school.
I Have not converted this Lead into Account, so ideally I do not have a Account with Oxford School Name.

Now when I need to add a new contact linked with Oxford school in contact section, I cannot choose account name , as oxford is not converted into Account.

So how can I link multiple contacts with Leads, As one school may have many leads or contacts, and they are Account yet.

How to manage it, Kindly guide.


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