Link multiple contact with Leads

Hi Lovely Community,

I use SUITE CRM for my data management. we are a product based company and provided school ERP solutions.

So in my case the account name would be the school name.

Now I Have uploaded all my leads with details like Account name.

Lets suppose I have 1000 leads and out of which I have converted 100 into accounts.
So in total I have 100 Account in my SUITE CRM.

Issue is when I need to add a new contact , which is not a account.

for eg there is a lead of John whose account name mentioned in lead is Oxford school.
I Have not converted this Lead into Account, so ideally I do not have a Account with Oxford School Name.

Now when I need to add a new contact linked with Oxford school in contact section, I cannot choose account name , as oxford is not converted into Account.

So how can I link multiple contacts with Leads, As one school may have many leads or contacts, and they are Account yet.

How to manage it, Kindly guide.


Not sure I 100% understand your question, but here goes…

A few points of clarification:

  1. Leads do not convert into “Accounts”

  2. Leads convert into “Contacts”

  3. Leads and Contacts are People

  4. Accounts are companies not people.

  5. When you convert a lead you have the OPTION to create an Account (Company) or attach the newly converted Contact(Person) to existing Account.

You cannot link multiple contacts to leads because a “Lead” is both a “Contact” and a Company in one record. Upon conversion, you create two records (or optionally link it to an Account). You create a Contact record for the person and an Account record for the company.

Typically, if you are managing multiple “Leads” at the same company, you should convert and then attach all the contacts to the Account record. (At least that’s the way it’s designed to work).

I think Leads are either People or Companies. And they do convert into Accounts, check the Convert Lead screen, you have the Create Account option right there. I am not sure if this is also called “converting”, but at least it’s something very similar in terms of process.

Some companies do the Sales process to get to Contacts, others do it to get to Accounts.

Thanks a lot, will check it out