Kanban board for the Opportunities module

Hi everyone i made a kanban board for the Opportunities module
link to github


Hey! This looks cool, you would be best to change your post category to Show and Tell, if you’d want me to do that for you just let me know!

yes ,help me with this please

Kudos to Alex for sharing this. a good contribution. :heart:

This is not installed.
Suitecrm Version 7.11.15

how did you try to install?

what installation errors did you get?

You get pakege from this link https://github.com/SidorkinAlex/Opportunities_kanban/releases/download/1.00/Opportunities_kanban.zip ?

After you click install and proceed, it will show you some progress and then take you back to the Same install package screen and the module still showing as not installed but all the files are copied (as i tested) so there seems to be something broken in the installer process otherwise all files are copied correctly.

ok, I’ll see what’s wrong and correct this error

It’s the same for me.

Can you do a Repair/rebuild and check in your Admin->Display Modules that a new module is listed (Opportunities Board) ?
you can also check if module is there by navigating to CRM_URL/index.php?module=BOARD_OPPORTUNITIES&action=index

I fixed the error and updated the data in the Repository, the latest version can be downloaded from the link


There are still problems.
The package could not be uninstalled.

Other question.
If I select Assigned User a number appears.
Can you make a first name appear?
Thanks a lot

kanban3 kanban4

Another comment on : “Actions”
Sometimes it open, sometimes It doesn’t open.
I’ll wait, thanks.

When the action tab does not open, press ctrl + shift + I and go to the console tab. are there errors? if yes take a screenshot and send me please.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention you in the post above

@eih64 @cherub-chum

Boards package Updated, Added the ability to display relate fields (for example, users) in the card.
before that, you could only display fields that were in the Opportunities table in the database.
The error of displaying null is also fixed if the database field is empty.

link to latest version:

In the next release, a bug with a drop-down list of activities is fixed


That looks really cool,
Hi, I am new to the suitecrm, How to make a module?? any instructions can you share? I want to create a PO (purchase order)