Joomla Portal! How to use it, install, configuration.

Hi team!
I do not know how to use portal for joomla combined with suitecrm how. Please help manual.
Thank you.

Hi there,

For Joomla

Once you have downloaded the Joomla component, you need to navigate to your Joomla admin. Once there, navigate to Extensions -> Extensions Manager. There is an upload option. Upload the Joomla AOP component zip. Once uploaded, navigate to Components -> advanced-openportal. Here you need to specify your SugarCRM URL/username/password.

For SuiteCRM

Navigate to Admin -> AOP Settings. Here you need to check the box ‘Enable Portal’ and then enter the url for your Joomla instance where the portal is located. Save these settings.

Navigate to the contact you wish to create a portal user for. Ensure it has an email address. In the action menu, there should be an option ‘Create Portal User’. Clicking on this will give you a confirmation that the portal user has been created. An email will be sent to the contact with the URL of the portal and their login credentials.



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Hey dinhaidang,

You can also check this out. Details the module to a high level. Many folks on here, including me, have spent a significant time working with and deploying the portal. Several absolute gotchas are DNS/FQDN, web dir permissions and required PHP libraries. I was missing curl when I was installing. Watch your php and web server log files carefully if something shouldn’t work.

Always shoot questions and log snippets to the community for help.



Hi there,
I installed Suitecrm and Joomla component 3.x.
But OpenPortal Advanced Settings configuration steps in Joomla (My Sugar link still works well), I have declared in suitecrm admin account. But not that confirm successful configuration (any account).
When accessing the joomla error appears.
You must be logged in to use the portal
Please guide how to fix it.
Thank all!

Attachments error!

Hi there,

Have you pointed to your SuiteCRM instance from Joomla and then edited AOP Settings in Admin of SuiteCRM to point to your Joomla instance?

You then need to create a portal user by clicking the button on a contact in SuiteCRM.



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Please an example For Jommla URL and other example For SuiteCRM URL.
I am not clear how to set

Hi there,

You specify the Joomla URL in Admin -> AOP Settings in SuiteCRM. You then need to navigate to your Joomla installation and navigate to Components -> advanced-openportal and enter your SuiteCRM url/username & password.



Please an example For Jommla URL
And other example For SuiteCRM URL
I can not configure please help.
Put some examples of the URL
Thank you for your valuable help

Joomla portal installation–>ok
settings on suitecrm–>ok
but now in my contacts I can’t see any “create porta user” or similar button
How can able contacts to portal?

Hi Ruberto,
As soon as you save the email address for the contact record you will find a portal user creation button in detail view

I have this same insue. I can’t see the portal user creation button.

Any other idea of to solve it?

Maybe the problem are in permissions?

Or with my language pack (pt_br)?

Or with the user set in Joomla?

Is there a way to isolate and identify the problem?

I finally solve this insue, but in my system there is no template for this activation, so I created one.
The problem is that I can´t find the right variable that will the password for the contact.

Does anyone know what would be the correct variable?

Hi $contact_name,

An account has been created for you at $portal_address.

You may login using this email address and the password $joomla_pass

Hi there,

Currently, I am having problem using this functions.

I am getting this message “Failed to create portal user” under SuiteCRM when I click “Create Portal User”.
Seems like the portal user create script jump to


but that link doesn’t seems to return anything.

Under the joomla --> extend --> advence openportal setting

I have the suite url , and the employee username/password (I can use those to sign into suite)

if I just click on the menu link via joomla, it only say “You must be logged in to use the portal” but after login with joomla access, it say “This account does not have portal access” after I sign in.

can you point to me what I am doing wrong?


Have you checked if the homepage of Joomla is set as “public”?

yes… it is public. Do you know where we can try to track the problem? since joomla didn’t return anything to the get query from suitecrm.


it just say “Failed to create portal user” without any other explaination?

I had a few problems at the beginning - but now it works.

A couple of things you can do to debug this:

  • On the SUITE host use ngrep (or similar utilities) to check the incoming traffic, and see whether any traffic comes in from the JOOMLA host when you press the button, this way you are sure the URL is correct
  • On the JOOMLA host check the outgoing interface for traffic going to the SUIT host to see whether it gets out.
  • Make sure both can see its each other
  • increase the log level in the SuiteCRM admin panel to at least WARN, if not INFO to see that the data is actually received
  • Create a NEW user for just this purpose (sth like openportal) and give that user admin rights at the beginning so there is no access problems, but make sure you reset this back to normal user
  • when you created the details on the joomla host copy and paste those to try a login into the SUITE host to see whether they are correct
  • use telnet SUITHOST 443 from the JOOMLA host and see whether you can get to it
  • use telnet JOOMLAHOST 443 from the SUITE host and see whether you can get to it
    [li]Check “https://YOUR_SUITE_HOST/YOUR_SUITE_INSTALL/soap.php?wsdl” from the JOOMLA host whether you can see it and the soap interface returns XML.

May want to check if you can resolve the name of your suite server (if AOP is targeting name) from joomla. I didn’t have cURL installed on the joomla server. There are pretty clear errors in your web server logs should you be faced with that.

So after trying to get 7.4RC to work with the portal i had no luck so i decided to reinstall Version 7.3.1 I got the AOP working but i wanted to know if there is a way to have the username and password stored under the contact. Also when i log into joomla with the user there is no option to create a case or see any docs etc.

I also this problem:

Please help me,