Is there a complete installation guide/manual for Suite CRM 8 on Debian?

Hi all,
Disclaimer & background:
I am trying to set up my own server but I have never installed SuiteCRM, I am not a linux or Windows guru but can find my way round. I use a mac and run my own Synology server to keep on top of my home office needs.
I have looked but I cannot find a virtual machine of docker container so I have picked Debian and would like to run through the installation. The main web page “Downloading and Installing” has a bunch of pre-requesits but no instructions or guidance on how to execute the commands in the correct order etc. (I am not sure why.)

I want to do my own installation to build up my knowledge and so I know what is happening to my data.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Pragmatic,

Welcome to the community! :wave: and thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

We are in the process of updating the SuiteCRM 8 install guide, to include among other things the steps to use the web install page, which could be simpler than using the cli.

We’ll try to include as much information as possible, however for some of the steps you’ll need some technical knowledge regarding apache and php configuration.

Regarding docker, we don’t yet have an official image. Though you could check the following image that has been provided by another user, to see if it helps:

Hi @clemente.raposo
Super, you are a star!
I will have a go tomorrow, as soon as I am back from work.

Hi @Pragmatic

We have just updated the SuiteCRM 8 install documentation. The updates try to make it more comprehensive.

I think it may help a bit more now: