Is installing French in version 7.11.12 possible? (Solved)

Hello, I have installed the Fr package from the translation page, “Suite CRM core (fr) .zip” as of 19/02/2020 and it didn’t work. I did all the steps, rebuild logout/login and all, there is not even a drop down menu to switch language at the login screen as the documentation states. How can I make it work?

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From Admin -> Languages you need to enable the Fr lang:

And from Admin -> Locale you need to define Fr lang as the default one:


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And then “repair and rebuild > quick repair > logout > login”. Well after I modified the rights and permissions accordingly to the documentation (SuiteCRM 7.11.12 first install in my life!). It worked! Thank you for your confirmation.

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Hi everyone !
Sorry, this doesn’t work for me. Choose french package + set locale + repair + logout…No success. I also changed the rights (sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload)
I don’t have the language menu on the login page (suiteCRM 7), but the login page is the only one that is now in french :slight_smile: !
Do you have any idea ?
thanks for your help !

Well… I’m replying to myself.
After a few days… It turns out that the site is now in french… Why ? No idea…