SuiteCRM 7.11.12 first install in my life!

I have a PAAS instance at Gandi dot net, and after visiting several Open source CRM’s and visited the demos, I picked SuiteCRM.
This evening I have installed it (twice in a row), after creating a vhost and a Mysql database for this purpose. I notice a few things.

When I reinstalled, the message in the “…/install.php” page stated to switch " ‘installer_locked’ " to false and after the reinstall, to switch it back to true. In my case this second step was not needed, as it appeared to have already automatically been switched to true.

The default URL during the install process had invited me to use “mycrm:443” as URL, but I removed the part 443 port from the URL. Is it bad, or of no consequence?

After installed once logged in, I had the wish to switch to my current language, French, so I followed more or less the guide and not finding an updated version of the French locale, grabbed the zip from

That’s when it becomes tricky. This page: install-a-new-language page tells me about a switch for the locale at the login screen. However, I see no such thing! And after I followed all the steps, including logout and login (twice) the language is still English.

So have I done something wrong? ie: I have not changed the rights and permissions, so here is one more, from this page:

I can read:

 sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
  sudo chmod -R 755 .
  sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload
  sudo chmod 775 config_override.php 2>/dev/null

first line I won’t do, the vhosts are fine as they are. The second line I can’t do because if I do so, the files also will have “755” permissions which is not what we usually do in *nix systems. (755 or 775 for directories and mostly 644 or at worse 664 for files). Same goes for the third line, and what is the 4th line doing exactly?
So, if I chmod recursively only the directories “cache custom modules themes data upload” with the 775 permissions will the help me with the language switch?

This is my feedback so far, perhaps I should have done more than one post, a question in another section, and feedback… I hope it’s ok, though.

Thank you.


Those permissions are just indicative. If you know what you’re doing, you’re welcome to use different schemes.

The only different thing about SuiteCRM, compared to many other app out there, is that SuiteCRM writes itself: things you do in Studio generate new PHP code. So this requires a handling of write and execute permissions that goes above the typical in some folders.

Thank you, this is very good to know. For now I’m just testing it, so I just changed the permissions on these folders, using 775 to replace 755, but only on the directory and sub-directories (recursive, only directories). I could to it using the command line, but on vhosts it needs me to activate the “emergency console”, and then the prompt is not very pretty.
Next I’ll try installing the French language again, see if with these new rights and permissions it works better?
(Still time to change again later if needed).

I worked. :slight_smile: