Integration with Facebook Leads

I’m looking for a way to pull our FB leads into SuiteCRM. Unfortunately, the Social Leads Ninja is no longer available through the SuiteCRM store (says temporarily unavailable).

I’m running Version 7.11.6 / Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I notice a 3rd party app called LeadsBridge. Is this the de facto standard now? I’m not sure if this is the direction I should be going, and would appreciate some advice.



I use and route the leads to a custom entrypoint. In zapier there is a webhook type of integration with facebook leads.

So the lead goes from Facebook > Zapier > Custom entrypoint > CRM

This is a pretty generic description, but hope it helps

Btw zapier is like 19$ a month so if you have something free then use that instead


Having researched SuiteCRM entrypoints a bit, I think this makes sense from a conceptual standpoint.

Am I accurate in assuming that your entry point is some code that takes whatever Zapier dumps, and manually inserts it into the SuiteCRM DB?

You might consider using Integromat if you want a free solution.


Hey George,

Yep exactly! I’ll look into integromat, if I can dump zapier, i’d do it in a heartbeat since there’s also quotas after which you have to pay even more

Integromat grew to Still have better plans than Zapier including 1000 ops for free.