How to make an entry point for Zapier?

I have Suite CRM 8 and am wanting to integrate Facebook Leads into suite CRM, I saw this discussed in another post suggesting Zapier as a good option to integrate Facebook Leads with Suite CRM: Integration with Facebook Leads - #3 by FuriousGeorge

I understand I’ll have to make a custom entry point for this to work with Zapier, if this has been done already is there a code snippet somewhere or example I can get to get this started? I did read the article on Entry Points for Suite CRM but the example is very basic.

Integromat (now renamed to is supposedly equivalent to Zapier, and free.

It seems to have a SuiteCRM connector.

I haven’t used any of these, I am just repeating what I heard here.

Try searching these forums for Integromat, you might find out more.

Thanks, I did try but they seem to only support Suite CRM 7. It wouldn’t let me connect and was throwing an error, but that was to be expected since I’m using Suite CRM 8. I already have a Zapier account so it would be convenient if I could find a way to do it with Zapier.

I would say the integration would work also with SuiteCRM 8, the old API s are still supported.

Is possible that some minor tweak is required (for example adjusting the URL s of the entry points to include public/legacy).

I don’t have anything like a sample script to give you, but if you have specific questions I may be able to help.

It did Not work with Suite CRM 8 unfortunately. Thank you though, I ended up using LeadsBridge and that seems to work.