INSIGHTS button disappeared

Dear all,
After upgrading from 8.0 to 8.0.3 the Insights button disappeared from accounts and opportunities and others. How to restore?

Thanks in advance

Hi, It has also happened to me in the leads module, any idea why it happens? :thinking:

it looks like it occurs when the module is saved in the studio.
Can anyone help?

+1 watching. This just happened to me after customizing the list view columns. The insight button disappeared and I can’t get it back.

If somebody can try watching the file system and seeing what exactly gets changed “when the module is saved in Studio”… something must be getting overwritten…

Ok @pgr will do. I’m about to use Studio for Opps tomorrow so I bet it will disappear too. Not super familiar with 8 yet, but I’ll try and compare it to non-modified test of version 8 I have going.

This technique is an excellent one to have in your arsenal:

but you can also try a more “manual” approach, trying to figure things out by peeking into directories.

this original file /public/legacy/modules/Leads/metadata/listviewdefs.php contains :

**$viewdefs['Leads'] = [**
    'ListView' =>  [
        'sidebarWidgets' => [
            'leads-by-status' => [
                'type' => 'chart',
**$listViewDefs ['Leads'] =**
array (
  'NAME' =>
  array ( 

but the new custom file created /public/legacy/custom/modules/Leads/metadata/listviewdefs.php contains only:
$listViewDefs ['Leads'] =

for return to work copy $viewdefs['Leads'] definition from the original file and include in custom file

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I’ve just started using SuiteCRM 8.2.4 and came across the insights for the first time (i was previously on 7). I quite liked them.

However, as soon as I changed the list view in Studio, the Insights disappeared.

Is this a permanent thing?

I’m not sure the coding above relates to Insights. Am I wrong?

Any help in retrieving Insights appreciated.