Insert Knowledge Base Articles into Email / Case Updates

Most Help Desk systems have KB panel available at hand when dealing with Cases and case updates. Freshdesk for instance has the KB right panel where i can search and insert chosen articles right in the Case response email.

Is there anything similar available for SuiteCRM ?

Hi cherub,
if you create a new case and enter the subject, Suite is already looking for matching kb-articles and suggests to copy their resolution:


:thinking: I never saw that, I didn’t know that existed…

Are you sure it’s not a custom thing? It is not appearing in my test system. Does it need to be added to the layout?

It’s already there, that gif was taken from an existing demo environment that we didn’t customize (except some new fields).
Create your KB article first and then create your ticket. The suggestions are (imho) based on the two subject fields, so after repeating a word from the kb-subject, the suggestion-box should contain at least one suggestion.

we weren’t aware of that feature either, it was a pleasant surprise some weeks ago :slight_smile:


yes, I’m sure, just double checked. works on my local environments too without any preparation (besides creating the kb article first).
If you don’t get it to work, we can do a short meeting @pgr :slight_smile:

I found it! It was I that had removed it from the layout, not knowing what it was. Once I put it back with Studio, everything works.

Thanks for the tip, this is nice! :+1:

Surprise surprise !! thanks @diligent this is news to me :slight_smile: