Importing Variable from Modules into Email Templates, Variablesnot loading

We are trying to import variables into our email templates but they are not loading, we have raised the issue on the end of another topic: Cant connect Outgoing Office365 Outlook account to the email Module

The issue revealed that pulling variables from a custom module was not possiable, as a solution if we create/initiate the account module and auto fill it from our custom registration module with the relevant variable information we need for our email templates e.g. name, address, phone number, company name. Could we then populate are email templates using account variables. I know this seems the long way round but would it work
Thanks Ken

It’s not that you can’t use variables from custom modules, the issue is that you can more easily use variables form the current module, the one that the template is starting from, and not from related modules (although some places in the CRM allow this).

So,to work around it, you can

  • use an add-on like my Power Replacer

  • use a Workflow or a Logic Hook to make sure that whenever a related record gets updated, then the new information is copied over to the current record (the one your template is based on). This way you can access the data as a “local” variable.

Thanks for the info, we are encountering another issue with the email template module it opens and displays the full list of created templates, but when Create Email Template is selected a blank screen opens and only the word CREATE appears onscreen. If we select a template and then select the Edit function a blank screen opens again with only the wrod EDIT in the top left of the screen. These functions worked previously and have now stopped working, the oly changes to the system have been made in the email Incoming and Outgoing settings.