Cant connect Outgoing Office365 Outlook account to the email Module

Trying to set up Office 365 email accounts to an Email module, followed all instructions in the set up but cant get the accounts to connect when selecting the monitored folders in the Incoming Email we get a “Loading” popup with just the grey header bar with Loading and Close. This remais on screen for a few minutes and then disappears, If we select the test settings another popup opens this has undefined in the top and Loading appears under it, it stays on screen for a few minutes and the dissappears.

We are using Port 143 and IMAP, SSL is not selected and the Username and Password are correct.
ERROR Message: Mon Nov 16 08:19:32 2020 [883][-none-][FATAL] Mysqli_query failed.
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Outgoing setup
Using SMTP, Port 25, Enable: TLS
On screen error messages when SEND TEST EMAIL is selecte: An error occured:SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
Error Message: [FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
Is there an issue with Office 365 Outlook connection as we have tried other email account not set up on Azure server and there is no issue everything works.


I haven’t used Office365 myself, but I think it may be worth double checking that the SMTP/IMAP settings are correct

It seems like the Microsoft Support page lists different settings:

It looks like IMAP should be:
Port 993, SSL Enabled, Server:

and the SMTP outgoing should be:
Port 587, TLS, Server:

Have you tried with these settings?

Hi John

We have tried the setting and the emails are now working Thanks, but there is one issue in the Incoming Email settings when I enter the End section where the Outgoing Email info: Reply to Address: I enter my email address
and Outgoing SMTP Mail Server: I enter the system address it sends the email from the main system account (it does record in my sent items) but thereplys go to the system account.
If I select the new Mail account it send the emails from my account and replys to my account but it sends the email twice and records 2 sent emails.


Sorry, having a little trouble understanding your issue

It kinda sounds like this issue, which has been raised as a current bug:

Do you think that sounds similar?

If not, it might be good to clarify further, ie: steps to replicate, or perhaps screenshots?

Also, if replies are coming to the wrong location, it may be worth sending an Email to yourself via the CRM, and checking the Reply-to address on the Email

Hi John
Thanks for your assistance, the additional issue has been resolved, monitoring account was set to sent items and not the outbox and was creating a double entry in the sent items, only the outbox was selected this issue was gone. Thanks

Ah great, glad to hear it’s all sorted!
Thanks for the update!

Hi John

We are working on Email templates and we were having some issues with Tags not populating e.g. $account_assigned_user_name , if you could point me in the right direction of template population issues that would be great.


The CRM will parse the template through different methods, depending on where the functionality is being used

Which part of the module were you sending from, by chance, that those variables aren’t populating with the correct values?

Was it ones specific to Accounts?
Or all of them in the template?

hi, its in a custome module Registration(adding student) using the bulk action and trying to send to individual email accounts, Yes the variables arent populating with the correct values, all of them in the template. thanks

If you’re on a custom module I don’t think you can access fields from related accounts.

Ok Thanks for your help

On email templates, if we create the account module and auto fill it from our custom registration module with the relevant variable information we need for our email templates e.g. name, address, phone number, company name. Could we then populate are email templates using account variables. I know this seems the long way round but would it work
Thanks Ken

I’ll answer you on the new thread you opened.