Importing contacts problem


I am currently importing contacts into SuiteCMR.
When importing contacts, the import summary shows me 1700 successfully imported contacts but when I go to the “Contacts” module I find 1760.
I can’t see where they are coming from.
(before the import there were 0 contacts in my instance)

Has anyone encountered this problem before?
Thank you for your help.

did you have a closer look at the csv? I once was experiencing something similar, back then the issue was caused by a malformed csv (I believe it was about nested double quotes like "this is my text "and a quote in it""). Just a wild guess, but maybe it helps :slight_smile:

E: are there any hooks or workflows that could trigger a contact creation as well?

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I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I’ll have to check.
Thanks for the lead
I will send you a feedback

  1. Do you have any filter applied on listview?
  2. To verify check contacts table in database.
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hi @diligent @sagarjaydeep ,

I have checked the csv file and it is good. I have also emptied my database and re-imported my contacts.
The problem is related to the display in suitecrm, it displays the same contacts 2 or 3 times
1 selectionne
When I select a display of the contact “richard”, suitecrm does not give me the hand to perform actions.
2 selectionnees
I have to select both views of the “richard” contact, so that I can do actions in batch.
and you can see on the screenshot that I have selected 2 contacts “richard” but suitecrm only detects one selected contact.
However, in my database there is only one contact “richard”.

Have you ever encountered this problem?

This one is similar thread

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