How to organise Door 2 Door Sales with streets


we are using a software in our team I would like to merge to suitecrm.

Its door2door sales: There we start the campaign with a blank dataset of the street.

for example

1 5TH AVE, 2 5TH AVE, 3 5TH AVE, 4, 5TH AVE … 500 5TH AVE

then with this dataset, we need to add customer(s) to each adress, to which we add informations, ideal until close.

Any idea how to implement the Street Nr. Objects?

Thanks in advance



Welcome to community!

Look at the solution if you use SuiteCRM 7. I hope this helps you.

Hello p.konetskiy,

thank You for reply.
Well I installed SuiteCRM 8.2.2

Right now I look at the Studio, and as far as I understood You, You would create a new field instead of using the already exsisting Street fields?


Yes. I have added a new field type. There is a standard method for SuiteCRM. Documentation for SuiteCRM 8 is not enough, but I plan to add solution support for SuiteCRM 8.