How to make either names clickable in campaign status, or add 'hits' and 'viewed message activity date' to Targets list view


I send campaign emails out, and would like to be able to sort through how many hits have been counted for each target, and when their activity date was, to then call them. I can do this in the campaign status “viewed message” subpanel, but the names aren’t clickable, so I can’t easily go and retrieve their number without searching their name and opening their details from the results.

So I have 2 questions:

1: Is there any way to make target names name clickable from the campaign status module, so I can go straight through and see their details?

2: What I’d really like to be able to do, is add a total hits field to the targets list views. How would be best to go about this?

I’ve already added every permutation of relationship between target and campaign/log/trackers in studio that I can think of.

First time posting here.
I have already searched high and low for multiple queries similar to this thread’s subject line, but no luck. I’m sure I’m missing something really simple. Apologies if this is as silly a question as it seems.

Many thanks in advance!


Making names clickable should be a simple code customizations, though not one that I can work on right now, I’m simply too busy, sorry…

About the other question, I don’t know that much about campaigns… what are you calling hits? Is that clicks on a tracker URL?

I’d be really interested in knowing how to implement this option. It would be really neat !

Indeed, as of now, names are not clickable in campaign results.

We get a list of who opened our mail (and who clicked etc…) but there is no way to click on the names in this list.

I know this is an older post but if you or anyone still needs to make the names clickable it’s actually fairly easy. FYI, I’m using 7.10.29.

As always, it’s a good idea to backup your installation to avoid data loss if something goes wrong.

Open “Studio” and click on “Campaigns” then “Subpanels” and then open and “Save and Deploy” each of the following WITHOUT making any changes:

Message Sent/Attempted
Viewed Messages
Click-thru Link
Bounced Messages, Invalid Email
Bounced Messages, Other
Opted Out
Suppressed by Email Address or domain

Once you “Save and Deploy” each of these you will have created customizable versions in the ‘custom/modules/CampaignLog/metadata/subpanels/’ directory. Now edit each of these files and find the section that looks like this: (I can’t remember if there’s a code tag on this board so just remember that the leading white space is space characters and not a tab)

  'recipient_name' => 
  array (
    'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_RECIPIENT_NAME',
    'width' => '14%',
    'sortable' => false,
    'default' => true,

and change it to this:

  'recipient_name' => 
  array (
    'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_RECIPIENT_NAME',
    'width' => '14%',
    'sortable' => false,
    'default' => true,
    'widget_class' => 'SubPanelDetailViewLink',
    'target_record_key' => 'target_id',
    'target_module_key' => 'target_type',
    'parent_id' => 'target_id',
    'parent_module' => 'target_type',

Do a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and all names in the ‘Campaign Status page’ should be clickable. This really helped us and I hope this helps someone searching for a solution and that it’s not too annoying that I responded to an older post.


@mcom thanks for this, it looks really useful.

About the code blocks (with syntax highlighting), it’s a triple back-tick. I edited your post, you can check my edit to see how it’s done.


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Very helpful, thanks @mcom - it would be ideal for this functionality to be included in the regular download!

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Definately. I’ve been looking for this solution for days. I’m trying to get it to work in a custom module where i just want to be able to click the record in teh subpanel and it take me to the dtail view. You wouldn’t know how to do that would you?