How to import a big list of values into dropdown ?

Hi Forum
I have big list of values to import in Suitecrm.
import via dropdown is very slow. Is there any way to import csv file ?

Try this technique

Remember you can use Excel to build the actual PHP value pairs as a string

'key1' => 'value1',

just make it write that sort of thing from whatever values you have in your columns.

Hi Kalpit,

You can use this add-on to import the csv as a dropdown

It allows

  • to create a new dropdown or modify existing dropdown by importing the CSV file.
  • download existing dropdown key-value pairs in form of .csv file


You can edit by hand your drop downs in each language at:

custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php (for US English)

and for each other language.

If the file doesn’t exist I suggets that you first create a drop down with only one value and then edit the file.

You can easily write a script to generate what goes there or, if you are taking values from excel, you can also easily do it there.

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to add on to it for others searching Google as I did.

I found there were other language files with my customisations in them - particularly for existing fields rather than custom ones. I grep-ed from the SuiteCRM folder for terms I knew were customised, and copy-pasted the arrays into the file mentioned above. By following the syntax of the entries already in there (particularly creating a dropdown with one value in a newly installed system) I was able to get access to my customisations globally from within the CRM, without having to put custom entries all over the shop.

Hope this helps someone else in future.

The Language chapter on the Docs site explains all this - there are global strings as well as module-specific ones.

Here is a FREE extension for you, it can parse thousands of dropdown values along with their fields. Check out the thread below.

As you said, for this, you don’t even need to be familiar with programming languages.