How to get the value from one tab to another tab?

Hello all,

I just want to use few textFields form one tab to another tab as it is without adding any additional column in DB(or adding new field with same name in the CRM)

For example, I have Billet Diameter text field under Billet Handling tab. Now, I want to display display Billet Diameter under Sales Management tab without adding any adding custom field into the CRM.

How could we achieve it?

Thanks in advance.

This might be the solution to your requirement:

Let us know if this was the solution!

I think you can add a non-db field to one of the panels, and have it reference the other. This way things would be kept clean, everything done in the view’s metadata.

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That’s good idea :bulb: but how to do it step-by-step :melting_face:

I am not sure, sorry. I have a few bookmarked pages with this sort of thing, but not specifically for what you’re asking.

Try to look for solutions based on non-db fields and see how they could apply to that view.

Shall I create a workflow to update fields into another tab? :upside_down_face:

The Job field is auto filled by code in one tab and Job Number is empty which present in the another tab. I want to create a workflow such that when an opportunity is created Job Number should be auto filled.

Also, if someone entered value in the field then its related field should get auto filled with same value.

workflow doc

What’s wrong here? :thinking:

Please help :pray: :pray: :pray:

I didn’t think the Workflow was an option because you said earlier that you didn’t want to create additional custom fields. And it’s sounds a bit convoluted to do it with extra fields that contain the same data…

But what is the problem with the workflow you made? Does it work or not?

It did not work. I don’t know why?

Have a look here to see all the conditions to trigger the workflow:

Test separately

  • the fact that the workflow triggers
  • the actions it executes

The way I do this normally is to create a totally simple action affecting the record itself: just set a certain static value in a certain field. This way I can see it triggering without wondering if my action is correct or not. Then I work on getting the real-world action right.

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