How to show same field in two tabs of edit view


I need to show same field in two panel/tab of edit view.

For the purpose I have modified /custom/modules/Accounts/metadata/editviewdefs.php and copy the metadata of that field and copy for 2nd tab.

Now the field is showing in both tabs but the problem is when I save the record than the field is showing as blank value.

Any help will be highly appreciable.



You can create another new field with same label and you can use.

@cloudmatricssuitecrm, thank you for suggestion but it will not work for my requirement.

I think it can be solved via javascript to check for changes on any of the field and then update the value to the field so the system doesn’t have two versions of it.

The other way is as @cloudmatricssuitecrm mentioned, to have two different fields both using the same label. For that you will need to either add javascript to autofill each other field when a change occurs in one of them.

One think that is not going to work it to have the same field in different places with different values.

In Account and Contract module there is Field that name is Address that is default field i think, that field give street,city,state,country,postal code so in my contract module i create two new tabs, i need that Address field also show in my two tab.
How i do that.