How to create an Associated Dropdown

This will require a developer… are you one?

You need to make a custom edit view, and in that view inject some javascript that handles the behaviour you describe.

There are some examples online about injecting javascript, and making custom views.

@amariussi I understood that he wants a change in one Dropdown to change the list on the second. Does your set up do that? :ohmy:

How does it know which values you want? Is it just from the key?

So for “college_private” it knows only appears when parent dropdown is “college”?

I can confirm that the above method works…a little more time consuming when values in a dropdown list are repeated (example being different brands of an item being available in the same color), meaning if brand X and brand Y are both selling yellow and green helmets, the color dropdown list must contain:


hopefully in the future we can see an option similar to the “Edit Visibility” that they have in this article:

because currently making a three layer dynamic dropdown setup is much more time consuming on our part than it could be.

Here is the sequence:


Hi @amariussi,

It’s done.
Thanks for describing in such a great manner. I am pretty much new in Suite/Sugar CRM.
It was very much helpful.


@amariussi I just learned something new, I had no idea SuiteCRM could do this :slight_smile:

Your post seems almost ready to go into the Docs site, maybe as a blog post? What do you think?

@pgr Thanks!

Use it as you wish both in the documentation and in your blog.


I have got one more issue, In Email Settings, when I put the details in SMTP Mail Server and SMTP Port No, and also I receive the Test Email with the same settings, but as soon as I save the details, it gets washed-out, and next time when I open the Email Settings, details are not there.
And due to which I am not able to send any email via application.

So is there any other setting required for the same?


Pardon me for these silly questions, I just started using the application. :slight_smile:

Read this:

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@amariussi many congratulations on going over 1000 posts!

You probably have the highest post-to-thank-you ratio in the Forums, meaning you are the most helpful person around :slight_smile:

1000 Thanks for all this excellent help!

I didn’t realise reaching 1000!

In any case I am far from reaching your levels. Also in consideration of what you have done before joining the team!!!


Hi @amariussi

Thanks for sharing the link, now I am able to save the Email settings and able to send the Test email.

But still, I am not able to send any email from SuiteCRM, while composing an Email, “FROM” field is coming as blank because of this, it’s throwing error.


@rachit_sinha09 about this other issue I am not familiar with the solution.

I know that there is a lot of work going on to solve this issue and a few more regarding emails.

I suggest that you search the Forum and the SuiteCRM gitHub page for issues anf fixes