How to add icons for custom modules in Sweet P 7.7?

Love the new Sweet P theme! but after the upgrade, custom modules are showing up with broken image links for icons, see:

Firebug shows they’re image tags with empty source attributes, so it’s not like the image is misnamed or wrong permission. How do I fix this?


Hi Brent,

The majority of icons have now been fixed in 7.7.1 for some that may still be broken will be fixed in a release soon

I absolutely do not like the use of sterling pound sign for quotes and invoices. This open source software is supposed to be global. I realize that having the dollar sign was not optimal either, but perhaps a more intelligent indicator for money should have been used. Anyone know where this icons can be changed?

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To fix your issue. You need to specify the icon name for the action in the menu.php file for that module.

For example say you wanted to change the import icon:

if(ACLController::checkAccess('Accounts', 'import', true))$module_menu[]=Array("index.php?module=Import&action=Step1&import_module=Accounts&return_module=Accounts&return_action=index", $mod_strings['LNK_IMPORT_ACCOUNTS'],"Import", 'Accounts');

If you change ,“import”, to the name of the icon you wish to use, for example to “View”.

if(ACLController::checkAccess('Accounts', 'import', true))$module_menu[]=Array("index.php?module=Import&action=Step1&import_module=Accounts&return_module=Accounts&return_action=index", $mod_strings['LNK_IMPORT_ACCOUNTS'],"View", 'Accounts');

it will display the view icon found in themes/SuiteP/images/sidebar

You can add your own icons, set them up and then place then in the sidebar folder. You can do the same for any action in the sidebar. There isn’t any fall back icons for custom actions.

Hi All,

I think the issue is the following when we create a custom module the name somehow is generated on the class of the icon
and because is a custom module you need to be very lucky to guess that the name will much with an icon .

  1. Can someone kindly let us know which library of icons SuiteCRM is using?
  2. do you know which exactly file is the one that generates that

    with the className = customModuleName ?
  3. The problem start when and update of SuiteCrm take place and they remove .svg icons and start putting images with the new way.

I can confirm the following :
On my production server i run Version 7.9.12 and icons are handled by .svg icons
On my Dev Server i am running the latest 7.10.7
and the icons are broken on the custom modules - Custom sub-panels - studio(custom module icons) because of course my custom-module- names does not much with any icon in the class…

Can anyone let us know how to add icons for the a custom module and append in all places like sidebar - studio -subpanel etc ?
There is also an other topic open with this issue:
That’s my workaround i hope it helps :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot everyone for the good work!

Check below video